Guidelines for student events

    1. Total cash prize for the three events is Rs. 45000!
    2. Student Institutional/University Identity card is compulsory to participate in the events. Each member must have his/her identity card.

  • 3. Only registered iCRAFPT'18 delegates who have completed the payment process are allowed to participate in the events.

  • 4. No spot registration is allowed.

  • 5. Registration has to be done through the event specific WhatsApp number and details of all members of the team must be registered in the format given below:
    <Name><Institute name><Registration code><email ID><Payment DU Reference number>

  • Click here to generate your Registration Code

  • 6. Registration and payment for the events has to be done on or before 05.08.2018.

  • 7. For any clarifications, please reach us in the event-specific mobile numbers given below.


  • 1. There should be three members in every team.

  • 2. It should be a recorded movie.

  • 3. Documentary in any regional languages will be accepted with English subtitles.

  • 4. Maximum duration of 5 - 8 minutes.

  • 5. Themes:

      1. a) Food safety

      2. b) Reduce food waste

  • 6. WhatsApp number for the registration: +91-9659510551


  • 1. There should be three members in every team.

  • 2. Necessary laptop, charger, pen drive etc. should be brought by the participants. iCRAFPT will not provide any of them.

  • 3. Each team can work only on one problem statement given below.

  • 4. Each team must indicate how their solution /apps can help to address the problem(s) identified by linking their solution to problems.

  • 5. Participants should only submit solutions/apps for which they have the intellectual property.

  • 6. There will be two rounds: Concept presentation with maximum five slides, followed by the final round with shortlisted teams.

  • 7. Problem statements

    1. a) Recommended cold storage guidelines for perishables.

    2. b) Product development based on ingredient properties.

    3. c) Design tool for food processing equipment.

    4. d) Handy data on usage of food additives.

    5. e) Nutrition calculator for different health or age conditions.

  • 9. WhatsApp number for the registration: +91-7708560140


  • 1. There should be two members in every team.

  • 2. All questions will be based on food processing technology.

  • 3. There will be two rounds: Prelims (written) followed by Mains (for shortlisted teams).

  • 4. WhatsApp number for the registration: +91-9597595472

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