Message from the Chairperson's Desk

Dr. C. Anandhramakrishnan, Director, IIFPT

On behalf of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Food Processing Technology (iCRAFPT'18) organizing committee, I am delighted and honored to invite all national and international dignitaries and delegates to this conference, to be held in the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu, Thanjavur. I presume the conference venue would provide both a platform for sharing of scientific findings, exchanging of ideas, and render strong networking opportunities; amidst the rich culture of Thanjavur. The conference is expected to be an august gathering with active participation from scientists, academicians, research scholars, industry personnel and students from around the globe.
Food processing has always been an essential factor in providing enough as well as quality food to the people. At the outset of the conference, it would be an opportune to sketch the importance of this sector and this prompted us to envisage such an event. Owing to a continuous pressure on producers and processors of food, to produce more, and with quality, there arrives a standstill wherein newer inventions, discoveries and their applications become indispensable. The rising global population poses many challenges, and food's safety, security and sustainability become the key factors. Despite impressive production, owing to inadequate processing and storage, most of the fresh produce in the developing countries perish. This is rather alarming, and there is globalurge to combat the situation. The non-farm sectors such as those involving fish, poultry and meat also warrant a deep attention. The upcoming sectors of nutraceuticals, food additives and nanotechnology hold tremendous promise; however, their impact, applications and diversity needs to come out of the laboratories. It is more urgent to bridge the gap between the farm and fork, than ever before. These would only be possible through a forum as this, for ignition of newer ideas and approaches in the minds of the participants. The attendees would certainly gain from colloquy of notable and eminent scholars of the field. The themes of the conference have been identified which reverberate with the sectors of immediate attention and offer significant developmental opportunities.
The conference aims not only to showcase the presence of distinguished personnel of this field and their discourses, but also to allow the exchange of research findings and ideas of those actively involved. The event has received the patronage of participating journals such as Journal of Food Process Engineering (Wiley), Drying Technology (Taylor & Francis), Journal of Food Science and Technology (Springer), Journal of Food Processing and Preservation (Wiley), Environmental Chemistry Letters (Springer) and Food Engineering Reviews (Springer). The authors of scientific articles would get an opportunity to publish in these journals through the conference. Besides, the conference would also have a proceeding publication, with all the selected abstracts. During the event, student activities including students, quiz, short film and a Hackathon would also be conducted. Rewards and awards are also included to encourage performers. I would like to thank all those involved in organizing the conference, and the eminent personalities who have consented to participate. I welcome all those who practice food science to this summit, to make the gathering a rich experience of scientific excellence!

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